Lakeway Boat Slips – Best Slip Rentals in Lakeway TX

Lakeway Boat Slips on Lake Travis!

lakeway-boat-slips-wbmWest Beach Marina (512) 266-2277

17317 West Beach Road – Austin TX 78734

  • Deep water at boat slips when Lake Travis low
  • Well-maintained docks, built-in breakwater
  • Plenty of free parking, close to boat slips

WBM Boat Slip Prices – Dock Layout


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In Lakeway boat slips are in great demand, because of the convenience and value they offer. When the water level in Lake Travis falls below 630’ above Mean Sea Level (MSL), it’s hard to find a place to launch your ski boat, runabout or cruiser. That’s when our members are glad they have boat slips at our Lakeway area marina.

West Beach is a great place to have a slip near Lakeway because it’s convenient to Austin and the other communities along the south shore. Our location on Hudson Bend is just a 5-minute drive from RR 620. We’re right on the main channel of the Colorado River; so our members don’t have the problems many boaters have in dealing with the water level fluctuations. When the water level drops, we just move our docks (and shore power) out into the lake a little farther. With our flat terrain, the parking area moves out too; so you have the same short flat walk to the docks and your slip. Drive down to the shore, walk onto the dock and get under way – simple.

Comparison of Lakeway Boat Slips

Compare our layout with the location and spacing of other boat slips in Lakeway. Most of these are located on shallow coves or narrow creeks. When the lake level goes down, their docks and boat slips get squeezed together in what little water remains. If the lake is down 40’ or more (as it has been the past two years) their customers need to climb down steep cliffs or stairs to get to the docks. The constricted waterway makes it difficult to maneuver and navigate out to the main body of the lake.

Deeper Water – More Maneuvering Room for Your Boat

And when the water level drops further, our competitors’ Lakeway boat slips have to be disconnected from the marinas and towed out into the lake. Their customers have a long hike down an even steeper slope with their equipment and provisions – then they need to take a shuttle boat to their slips. When they return – another shuttle ride, haul all your stuff back up the hill, and take a long walk to the parking lot. If you and your guests are really into mountaineering while carrying lots of food, drinks, ice and gear – our competition has just the thing for you.

Fun and No Hassles

West Beach members would rather be out on the water, enjoying their valuable time boating, water skiing, parasailing and wake boarding. No hiking, mountain climbing, trams, shuttles are required – and no delays getting out on the lake. WBM is a family-oriented marina with a quiet, relaxing, peaceful environment. We choose not to have a gas dock, ship’s store, nightclub or restaurant on-site – although there are plenty of these within a 10-minute drive.

You get enough noise, crowds, traffic and stress in other parts of your life. So come on out to our beautiful lakeside location and check out our facilities. The docks all have built-in breakwaters; and we have uncovered and covered boat slips from 26’ to 32‘ long, with width from 11’ to 14’. We offer HydroHoist boat lifts for sale. Or you can rent one for an additional monthly fee ($100-$175, based on the lift’s capacity).

Great Deals on Lakeway Area Boat Slips

If you have a boat slip in Lakeway (or anywhere in the Austin area), we’ve got a deal for you. We’ll even help you move your lift. Call us today!

West Beach Marina (512) 266-2277