Marinas on Lake Travis

Comparing Marinas on Lake Travis

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When considering marinas on Lake Travis it’s important to make sure the location and facilities will be able to provide you with good access to your slip at lower lake levels. These photos illustrate West Beach Marina’s unobstructed access to deep water at all water levels — in contrast with other Lake Travis marinas that have trouble keeping their docks in the water when the water level is down.


West Beach Marina — Lake Level 670′


West Beach Marina — Lake Travis Level 644′


Obviously we prefer Lake Travis at the 670′ level; but there is still plenty of water for boating at 644′. West Beach Marina’s location on the main channel enables us to easily move our docks out into deeper water as the lake level drops. Our members can still drive down to the water’s edge to park, and still have a short walk to the boat docks. We retain the same dock spacing we had at the 670′ level, so there’s still plenty of room for maneuvering — and easy access to the channel.

Five Other Marinas: Lake Travis at 644′ Above Mean Sea Level (MSL)

The photos below depict five Lake Travis marinas with the lake level at 644′ above MSL. Note the dock crowding and lack of maneuvering room. At this level, some of these have had to disconnect their docks from the marina facility. Their customers need to use shuttle boats to get to their boat slips. You can imagine what happens when the Lake Travis water level is down to 624′ (as it was earlier this year).


Rough Hollow Marina


Lakeway Marina — 644′


Marshall Ford Marina


Commander’s Point Marina


Cypress Creek Marina

West Beach Marina does not experience any of these problems. When the Lake Travis water level declines, we just move our docks out a little farther. The boat slips remain connected to the shore; we have electricity and water on the docks; and it’s still just a short walk from the parking lot to your boat.

If you’re looking to switch marinas, we’ll make this easy for you:

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West Beach Marina 17317 West Beach Road — Austin, Texas 78734 (512) 266-2277

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