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Compared to other marinas on Lake Travis, West Beach Marina (WBM) provides much more value and convenience. This is a result of our location, modern facilities and dedication to giving our members the best possible boating experience.

  • Modern, well maintained boat docks, facilities and security systems
  • Most boater-friendly and convenient Lake Travis marina
  • Close to Lakeway, Steiner Ranch, Cedar Park and Austin
  • Best value for boat slip rentals, private boat ramp (members-only)

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West Beach Marina – Lake Travis (512) 266-2277

17317 West Beach Road – Austin Texas 78734

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Most Convenient Marina on Lake Travis

We have great deals on uncovered and covered boat slips and are widely known as the most family-oriented and enjoyable marina in Austin TX. Customers tell us this is due to our attentive staff and great Hudson Bend location.

In contrast with less well-situated facilities, our boat docks are always accessible — regardless of the Lake Travis water level. Our gently sloping site makes for easy parking and a short walk to your boat. It also enables us to keep our members’ cruisers and sailboats in deep water with plenty of maneuvering room. When the water level recedes, we just move each dock and breakwater out into deeper water. The boat slips and walkways remain connected to the shore — along with all utilities. We retain the same spacing, with plenty of maneuvering room and easy access to the main channel.

Even when the lake is low, our flat terrain enables members and guests to drive down to the water’s edge to park. It’s still easy for West Beach members to carry their gear to and from their boats. Your family, crew and friends will be a lot happier than the folks at other boatyards or yacht harbors — whose boating day starts with a lot of discomfort and drudgery!

How Lake Travis Marinas Adapt to Low Water Conditions

The lake’s variable water level depends on the amount of rainfall the watershed receives. And to a lesser degree it varies with the quantity of water the Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA) discharges downstream from Mansfield Dam. During the 2013-2015 drought, the level fell to 626’ above Main Sea Level (MSL). Unfortunately, weather experts forecast similar drought conditions in the future. The ability of a given marina or boat club to accommodate the changing levels will have a major impact on how much you enjoy boating.

Whenever the level falls below 640′ above MSL, a marina on Lake Travis can experience problems keeping their docks afloat and separated. As the water recedes, there is less space in the boat basin for the floating piers and breakwaters. So docking structures need to be crowded together – or removed.

This makes it a lot more difficult for you to enter/exit your slip and maneuver around other craft and obstacles. Cramped conditions also increase the likelihood of collisions and groundings. The shallow depth and close quarters are especially troublesome for larger powerboats or sailboats with a deep drafts. Marinas that are located in steep canyons or shallow creeks suffer more than WBM — which resides on the deeper main channel of the Colorado River.

Challenges for Marinas on Lake Travis

Large variations in water levels mean that fixed piers and wharves won’t work. All boat berths need to be on floating docks and secured to the shoreline with adjustable walkways. As the lake recedes, landings and dock structures have to be moved into deeper water. This necessitates longer walkways — and moving heavy concrete anchors farther from the shore. Electrical and plumbing lines need to be extended to continue providing electricity and potable water at the slips.

As the lake’s level continues to fall, some marinas just run out of room. So they disconnect their docks from the shore, and move them way out into the busy channel of the Colorado River. Their customers are obliged to wait for a shuttle boat to get from the beach to the dock. And there is no electricity or clean water at the boat slips. Under these conditions, their docks sit well below the level of the parking lot, restrooms and other marine facilities. They saddle their customers with a long steep climb (with equipment, refreshments and guests) up and down winding ramps and stairways. With these kind of challenges at our competitors’ marinas – Lake Travis’ nadir can really spoil a family vacation or weekend outing.

Advantages of WBM’s Hudson Bend Location

We consider the lake ‘full’ at 681′ above MSL. Obviously, boating is most enjoyable when it’s above 670′. But we have plenty of navigable water at 644′. Even at 623′ (only 1/3 full), Travis contains 123.2 billion gallons! For comparison, this is 15 times more than Lake Austin. We have a lot more room for parasailing, water skiing and wake boarding. And our family-oriented membership also enjoys pontoon boating, cruising and sailing on this expansive waterway.

WBM’s site with gradually sloping terrain and bottom contour enables our members to drive right down to the waterfront to park. It’s just a short flat walk to your boat slip. You’ll appreciate that if you’re bringing food, drinks, fishing gear, wakeboards or towable tubes. 

Our location also makes it easy move our docks out into deeper water as the lake level drops. Unlike many boat clubs or marinas on the Lake’s southern shore, we still have electrical power on our docks following this reconfiguration. WBM members still have the same short walk to their boat slips. And we have the same dock spacing we had at the 670′ level. So there’s still plenty of room for maneuvering in and out of your berth, and easy access to the main channel. Devil’s Cove is even closer!

Boating is Fun at West Beach!

WBM members do not suffer from drought-induced issues like customers at the typical marina on Lake Travis. As the water recedes, our parking lot expands to include the area formerly underwater. All our boat slips remain connected to the shore. And we still have electricity and water on the docks. The short flat walk from the parking area to your boat remains short and flat. WBM members get to spend more of their valuable time on the water — and less time and effort hauling stuff to and from from their cars.

No problem parking, no boat shuttles, and no steep stairs to climb with your gear.

We’re at the north end of Hudson Bend. Just a short drive from Austin TX and even closer to the communities of Cedar Park, Lakeway, Steiner Ranch and West Lake Hills. Whether you have a ski boat, runabout, cruiser, pontoon boat or personal watercraft — you’ll enjoy the convenience and value we offer. Call today to learn more about our boat slips, facilities and happy boaters!

If you’re looking to switch marinas, we’ll make this easy for you: 1 MONTH FREE BOAT SLIP RENTAL!  And if you have a boat lift, we can help you get it moved.

West Beach Marina (512) 26602277
17317 West Beach Road – Austin TX 78734

The most convenient of the Lake Travis marinas with easy access to deep water regardless of the lake level -- Call (512) 266-2277
17317 West Beach Road
Austin, TX
Phone: (512) 266-2277