Marina Rules and Regulations

West Beach Marina Rules and Regulations

The following are for the purpose of providing a safe and pleasant experience at West Beach Marina.

Fuel: You may fuel your boat only on the courtesy dock. Do not carry gasoline or diesel to your slip. You may not fuel your boat at your slip. Do not leave full or empty fuel containers on your boat or on the dock.

Swimming: Please do not swim within 165 feet of any of the docks. Do not jump or dive off the docks. You may wade along the shoreline at your own risk provided you stay 165’ away from the bridges and dock walkways. Swim at your own risk, there are no lifeguards on duty and swimming in the lake can be dangerous.

Minors: You are responsible for monitoring your children at all times. It is a good safety practice to have your children wear lifejackets when in the water, on the beach and on the boat dock. An adult Member must accompany and supervise all minors at all times.

Guests: You must be onsite with your guests at all times. You are responsible for your guests. You are allowed to have only as many guests as your boat is rated to hold. If you wish to have more guests please obtain permission from the marina management at least 2 days prior. We reserve the right to ban any individual from the marina.

Pets: Dogs must be on a leash under your control at all times. Do not leave pets unattended. You are responsible for cleaning up after your dog. If you bring your dog to the marina please bring the necessary items to clean up after your dog, and all waste must be put in the dumpster. Management may ban any pet from the marina.

Trailers: Trailer storage is not included as part of your boat slip rental. Do not leave a trailer on the property without the marina management’s prior permission.

Parking: Please park so that you do not block the roadways, driveways, stairs, dock bridges – or in such a manner that wastes parking spaces. Your vehicle is subject to being towed at your expense if you park in such a manner as to create a problem. Vehicles may not be left on the property for more than 24 hours unless you are using your boat on the lake.

Trash: Please carry all of your trash to the dumpsters located on shore. The dumpsters are provided for the disposal of the paper, cardboard, plastic and food trash that you generate while out boating. Trash and cigarette buts may not be thrown into the water, on the beach, or left on the dock.

Please do not dispose of food, fast food bags, cans, bottles and cigarette butts in the restroom trash cans.

Batteries, oil tires and appliances may not be put in the dumpsters and are your responsibility to properly recycle or dispose of offsite.

Extension Cords: All extension cords and shore power cables must be of the 3-prong type and UL approved. Cords that are homemade or damaged may not be used. Cords should be run under the deck so as not to pose a trip hazard. Cords must be kept out of the water at all times. Cords should be unplugged when not in use. Any cord plugged into a marina receptacle and running into your boat authorizes marina staff to board and inspect your boat.

Misc. Storage: All personal items such as hoses, tubes, floating pads, wakeboards, biminis, coolers and carts must be stored on your boat or in your slip. Please do not leave items on the walkways or slip fingers. Personal items my not be hung from the roof or roof columns. Only chairs pre-approved by the marina may be left on rows C and H.

Cooking: The use of charcoal, wood, alcohol, propane, butane or any other source that creates a flame is prohibited on the docks and on your boat while at the marina.

Signs: “For Sale” signs and other types of advertising are not permitted on boats or the dock.  Political signs, banners and flags may not be displayed on the docks or on boats while docked at the marina.

Music: Please keep the volume of your music at a level that will not disturb others. Music containing vulgar language will not be tolerated at the marina.

Electrical: You may not make any alterations to the marina electrical receptacles at your slip. If you have any problems with the electric service please notify us, but do not attempt to make any repairs yourself other than resetting the GFCI or breaker.

Heaters: BoatSafe and Xtreme brand engine compartment heaters are allowed. Drop lights, heat lamps, space heaters, electric blankets and all other non-approved devices may not be used.

Battery Chargers: Marine rated battery charges are allowed. Automotive battery charges may not be left unattended.

Fishing: You may fish in your slip provided you do not obstruct the walkways and cleanup any mess that is made. Please do not fish in other member’s slip or from the bridge and walkways.

Boat Maintenance: You may wash your boat using biodegradable soap. Minor maintenance may be done onsite. Engine and out-drive repairs, fiberglass work and painting must be done offsite. Do not put used oil, fuel and batteries in the dumpsters. You are responsible for disposing of or recycling your oil, fuel and batteries offsite.

Boat Covers: Only covers designed specifically for boats may be used. Tarps and heat shrink plastic are prohibited.

Dock lines: You are responsible for properly tying your boat in the slip. You should use at least a 1/2 inch dock line on each corner of your boat. Boats on hoists and PWCs on ports must have at least one dock line securing the vessel to the dock. The Marina has no responsibility or duty to check, maintain or correct faulty dock lines and/or the proper mooring or hoisting of your boat.

Improvements: You may not make any improvements to the dock. If you would like a deck or dock box please contact the marina management. Only dock boxes approved by the marina are allowed.

Shoes: You should wear shoes or some sort of foot protection at all times while on the docks, on the beach, in the water or in the parking areas.

Live Aboard: Your boat may not be used as a residence while docked at the marina. It is ok to spend an occasional night or weekend on the boat while docked at the marina for recreation.

Registration: Only vessels titled in Texas and that have a current registration may be docked at the marina. Vessels not titled in Texas and/or not having current registration may be considered abandoned vessels.

Glass: Glass bottles are prohibited on the docks, in the parking areas and on the beach.

Fireworks: Fireworks, sparklers and smoke bombs and other similar items are prohibited.

Weapons: Firearms, air guns, bows, slingshots and spear guns and all other weapons are prohibited.

Rules and Regulations may be changed from time to time.

You may obtain a current copy at our office or on our website at

West Beach Marina (512) 266-2277 17317 West Beach Road – Austin TX 78734