Lakeway Marinas

Lakeway Marina Comparison


West Beach Marina — Austin, TX

Boaters looking for a convenient Lakeway marina should consider West Beach Marina (WBM). We‘re on the north end of the Hudson Bend peninsula (south shore of Lake Travis), convenient to Austin and Steiner Ranch. Right on the main channel of the Colorado River, so it’s always easy to get your boat in and out of the slip. And just a short drive from the lakeside communities of Spicewood, Lakeway and Cedar Park. Here are the main reasons our members choose WBM:

  • Wide selection of covered and uncovered boat slips
  • Ports for personal water craft PWC – WaveRunner, Sea-Doo, etc.
  • Clean and well-maintained boat docks with built-in breakwater
  • Plenty of parking close to slips, clean restrooms
  • Easy access to boats and deep water — even when lake is low

West Beach Marina (512) 266-2277 17317 West Beach Road – Austin TX 78734

This location and our commitment to customer satisfaction are what make West Beach the best marina on Lake Travis. We have the most attractive boat slip rental deals in the Austin area. If you’re looking for a marina in Lakeway with an easy-to-use boat slip, plenty of parking and year-round deep water, call us today!

Here is a comparison of three popular marinas in the Lakeway area. The overhead photos show their locations and boat dock configurations when the water level is at 640′ above Mean Sea Level (MSL). Most of the Highland Lakes are maintained at a constant water level. If you’re considering a boat slip at a Lakeway marina, consider how these fluctuations will affect how your boating experience.

The levels of Buchanan and Travis can vary significantly with the amount of rainfall, consumption by local communities and businesses, and the amount the Lower Colorado River Authority sends downstream to other users and the Gulf of Mexico. The variable level imposes some challenges for the LCRA, area residents, local businesses, marina operators – and boaters. The Lakeway marina you choose determines your ability to get the boat in and out of the water, the walk from the parking lot to the slip (with gear), and ease of maneuvering out to the main channel.

Rough Hollow Marina


Rough Hollow Marina-Lakeway 640′

When selecting a marina in Lakeway, think about how you’re going to get to your boat when the water level falls below 640′ above MSL. At that level, there’s plenty of water for boating. But not all Lakeway marinas have deep water. You’ll also want to consider how easy it is to get your boat out of the slip and onto the main body of the lake.

Most Lakeway area marinas are located on narrow creeks or shallow coves. They need to crowd their docks and boat slips together when the lake is down. This makes it difficult to maneuver your boat, risking grounding and collisions on your way to deep water. And when the water level gets even lower, they either move the docks out into the main channel (far from the shore and parking area) – or even remove them. Not very convenient.

Lakeway Marina


Lakeway Marina at 640′

As the photo illustrates, Lakeway Marina has similar challenges when the water level is down. The boat docks are squeezed tightly together in shallow water, restricting your maneuvering room. It’s a long steep hike from the parking lot to the boat slips. To get your family and gear to the boat, you’ll need to carry everything up and down steep paths and ramps. And, when the water level recedes further, the docks are detached and moved out into the main body of the lake. In that configuration, Lakeway Marina’s customers need to be ferried to and from the boat slips. It’s a long walk and a long wait before you get to your boat. Not very convenient.

West Beach Marina on Hudson Bend


West Beach Marina 640′

Our marina has a wide open waterfront with a wide gradual slope down to the waterfront. If the water level recedes, we can easily move our docks out into deeper water. Unlike the other Lakeway marinas pictured here, we have a large parking lot that extends right down to the shore. The boat docks remain connected to the land, and we still have wide open navigation channels.

At WBM, it’s just a short walk from your car to your slip – regardless of the current water level. You can have your family, guests and boating gear aboard and under way in just a few minutes. Our members don’t need to use stairways, steep ramps, trams or shuttle boats to get to the docks and boat slips. You get to spend your valuable time boating – not hiking or waiting for a shuttle.

West Beach is just a few minutes from Lakeway and Steiner Ranch – convenient to Austin, Cedar Park and Spicewood. We have covered and uncovered slips suitable for powerboats, pontoon boats, sailboats and jet skis. The slips range in length from 26’ to 32’ (widths between 11′ and 14′), and we have a separate dock with jet ski ports. Our members have the option of renting a HydroHoist boat lift along with their slips. The boat docks have built-in breakwaters to dampen wakes, and electricity is available on most of the docks. These are the things that make this the most boater-friendly and convenient of all the Lakeway marinas.

Most Convenient Lakeway Marina

In contrast with other marinas near Lakeway, we don’t have rental boats, bars or restaurants. [But there are plenty of these within a 10 minute drive.] Our members prefer to have fun out on the water – and avoid crowds and noise at the marina. This makes it a great place to keep your boat and enjoy a pleasant day on the lake with your family. Our members place a high value on family boating, relaxation and privacy. Call today to learn more about our facility and family-friendly environment, and why our customers say we have the best Lakeway marina values.

West Beach Marina (512) 266-2277 17317 West Beach Road – Austin TX 78734