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Compared to other Lake Travis marinas, West Beach provides more value and convenience. This is a result of our location, modern facilities and dedication to giving our members the best possible boating experience.

  • Most boater-friendly and convenient marina on Lake Travis south shore
  • Modern, well maintained boat docks, facilities and security systems
  • Close to Lakeway, Steiner Ranch, Cedar Park and Austin
  • Best value for boat slip rentals, private boat ramp (members-only)

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West Beach Marina — 17317 West Beach Road — Austin, Texas 78734 — (512) 266-2277

 Aerial Photos of 5 Lake Travis Marinas – Water Level 640′ Above MSL


West Beach


Commander’s Point


Hurst Harbor


Paradise Cove


Rough Hollow






The photos above illustrate the dock configurations of five marinas on Lake Travis when the water level is at 640′ MSL. As you can see, the West Beach boat docks are in deep water with immediate access to the main channel of the lake. Our customers can easily back their boats out of their slips and drive into the channel. From there it’s a short run west toward Lakeway and Spicewood, or east to the main basin and Mansfield Dam. As you would expect, this ease of access and navigation is one of the things that make West Beach’s location so convenient.

The other facilities pictured above have their boat docks tightly crowded together. This makes it difficult to maneuver in and out of the boat slips and avoid other boats. The cramped conditions increase the likelihood of collisions and groundings — especially for larger powerboats or sailboats with a deeper draft. Unfortunately, the restricted navigation channels and maneuvering space at  some of these Lake Travis marinas can take a lot of the fun out of boating.

Great Location – Easy Navigation, Loading and Unloading

Marinas like ours on Lake Travis’ main channel of the Colorado River are less vulnerable to these problems. Our location on the north end of Hudson Bend enables us to keep docks and boats in deep water with plenty of maneuvering room. Other marinas have dock crowding and problems providing navigable access to the lake whenever the water level falls to 640′ above Mean Sea Level (MSL). And it’s recently been down to 626′. This is is an important factor for a powerboat or sailboat owner to consider when choosing where to rent a boat slip.

Our members also benefit from the gradually sloped terrain at the end of Hudson Bend. So it’s easier for them to launch their boats, park their trailers, and carry their gear to and from the docks. Regardless of the water level, you can easily drive right down to the shore next to the boat slips. Your crew and guests will be a lot happier than customers at other Lake Travis marina facilities who have steep cliffs, ramps, trams and treacherous stairways to climb.

Marinas on Lake Travis – Managing in Low Water Conditions

Every Lake Travis marina, yacht club and boatyard needs a strategy for dealing with fluctuating water levels and Texas drought conditions. As the shoreline recedes to 640′ above MSL, the docks need to be moved out to deeper water. This is particularly difficult for Lake Travis marinas that are located on narrow inlets. As the water level goes down, their docks are crowded together and may even need to be removed.

As you can see in the photos, some of these marinas are located on narrow coves that become very shallow (or dry up completely) as the level of the water drops. This makes it a hassle to get to your boat – requiring a boat shuttle and/or hiking up and down steep terrain with your gear. It also makes it difficult to maneuver your boat in and out of the slip, and out of the cove into the main channel.

Most Convenient Lake Travis Marina – West Beach

In contrast, our location on the north shore of Hudson Bend enables us to keep the boat docks in deep water with plenty of maneuvering room. Many Lake Travis marinas have severe dock crowding and difficulty providing navigable access whenever the water level falls to 640′ above Mean Sea Level (MSL). During the recent drought, the level has fallen to 626’ — and this may be a common occurrence in the future. This is an important factor for a powerboat or sailboat owner to consider when comparing marinas on Lake Travis.

And, if the lake’s level drops further, we can easily move our docks out into deeper water. The gently sloping terrain enables us to extend our large parking area right to the water’s edge; so the walk to your boat remains short and flat.
No problem parking, no boat shuttles, and no steep stairs to climb with your gear.

We’re located at the end of Hudson Bend — just a short drive from Austin, TX and the communities of Cedar Park, Lakeway, Steiner Ranch and West Lake Hills. Call us today to learn more about our boat slips, facilities and happy boaters!

West Beach Marina — 17317 West Beach Road — Austin, Texas 78734 — (512) 266-2277

The most convenient of the Lake Travis marinas with easy access to deep water regardless of the lake level -- Call (512) 266-2277
17317 West Beach Road
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