Boat Slips – Lake Travis – Austin TX

Lake Travis Boat Slips – Austin TX

Covered and uncovered boat slips on Lake Travis south shore.

Finding a Boat Slip on Lake Travis


According to the Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA) there are 5,000 boat slips in Lake Travis’ 66 permitted marinas. This gives Austin-area boaters a lot of choices, and it’s not difficult to find a suitable marina and slip to rent. Most of these marine facilities are located at the southeast end near Austin, Spicewood, Lakeway, Steiner Ranch and Cedar Park. The large populations of these communities create a big demand for Lake Travis boat slip rentals – particularly on the south shore.


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Challenges for Lake Travis Marinas

kids-boat-slip-lake-travisUnlike most of the Highland Lakes, the levels of Lake Buchanan and Lake Travis fluctuate with the amount of rainfall (and quantity of water sent downstream). This can create severe challenges for marinas – and anyone with a boat slip on Lake Travis or Buchanan – because marina docks need to be moved in response to the changing water level.

This isn’t a big problem for a facility like West Beach Marina that is located on the main channel of the Colorado River. But other Austin marinas’ restricted locations make it difficult or impossible to keep their docks in deep water when the lake is low. This may be the most important consideration when you rent a Lake Travis boat slip – finding a marina with deep water and easy access to the main channel even in drought conditions.

Boat Slip Recommendations


Other factors to consider in selecting a boat slip include

  • Construction quality and maintenance of marina docks and facilities
  • Availability of boat lift (avoids bottom scrubbing)
  • Ease of access to docks and boat slips
  • Marina access control, fire safety
  • 24 hour video surveillance and security
  • Modern slips with electricity and water
  • Wide, shallow sloped boat ramp
  • Restrooms, trailer storage, etc.
  • Overall cost of boat slip and services

Your Choice of Boat Slips

wbm-entrance-gateIf you’re looking for a family-oriented marina with deep water docks — and a great deal on a Lake Travis boat slip, contact us today! Our rental rates are a real bargain when you consider the advantages of docking your boat with us. West Beach Marina has the most modern and well-maintained docks and boat slips on Lake Travis.

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West Beach Marina (512) 266-2277 17317 West Beach Road – Austin TX 78734